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Ear care cleaner

Ear care cleaner

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Bio Groom Ear Care ear cleaner effectively cleans in and around the ear. Dissolves and cleans wax, keeps ear canals clean and dry. Is very mild and gentle, does not sting. Used regularly to prevent and keep the ears clean. Antibacterial, prevents fungus formation and bad odour. Available in two sizes. For dogs and cats.

Shake the bottle well. Drip a good amount of Ear Care into the ear, massage well until the wax and dirt have loosened. Let the dog shake its head before wiping the ear with a cotton ball. BioGroom Ear care is used as needed or, for example, every 14 days to prevent and maintain healthy and clean ears. Also used after a bath to ensure dry and nice ears. Especially after swimming. NB. Always contact a veterinarian if you have an animal with ear problems.

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