Guidelines and procedures

Our ambition is to make every single visit a safe, stress-relieving and pleasant experience for your dog and you. In order for us to be able to run a safe dog salon, it is important that you comply with our guidelines and know our procedures.

If you choose to use our services, this means that you accept our guidelines and procedures.

Safety at all times
We are committed to operating safe practices at all times. For that reason, we do not allow dog owners to stay in the salon, unless there are special reasons that have been clarified and agreed in advance. This is because the dogs are often near sharp objects, on grooming tables or in bathtubs, and therefore we follow strict routines to avoid accidents.

Special needs
We have long and good experience with all types of dogs - we treat puppies, the elderly and dogs with health challenges.

Information must be given about special medical, physical and emotional conditions, allergies, sensitivities or other things we should know about and take into account during the treatment. We do not carry out treatment that could be stressful or painful.

Customized treatment
We always adapt the treatment as needed, and reserve the right that the treatment time may vary from one to four hours, even if otherwise stated in the treatment. If your dog, for example, is visiting the salon for the first time, it is often necessary to make the dog familiar and confident about us and the treatment.

General during the visit

  • Before treatment
    • Make sure your dog is allowed to do his due diligence before being handed over for treatment. Let us know if you have a bitch who is in heat.

    • On arrival, we ask you to use the waiting room until we are ready to receive your dog.

    • Always keep the dog on a leash when handing over.

  • During treatment
    • We do not treat dogs that bite. If your dog bites or otherwise shows aggression, the treatment will be interrupted and you will be asked to collect your dog. The owner will be held responsible for damages resulting from a lack of information about this

    • If conditions are discovered that make the treatment painful, stressful or for other reasons cannot be carried out, we are entitled to adapt or interrupt the treatment.

  • After treatment
    • You will be notified approx. 20 minutes before your dog is ready to be picked up.

    • On arrival, we ask that you use the waiting room until the dog is ready for handover.

Price supplement
We reserve the right that price surcharges may occur if special needs are not disclosed in the booking or in the event of other discrepancies in the booking information.

Cancellation/Not appearing for treatment
If you have to cancel or change your appointment, this must happen 24 hours before the appointment, otherwise you will be billed for the treatment in its entirety. You can cancel or change the appointment by calling us on 90609131, or if you have booked online you can cancel directly in the app.

Vaccines and accidents
We expect that your dog has received all vaccinations that are required by law in Norway

If your dog is ill, injured and needs a vet, you hereby give Duke & Duchess permission to act on your behalf, and agree to pay for incurred expenses.

There is always a rare possibility that accidents may occur. Scissors and razor blades are sharp and although we use extreme caution in all situations, minor injuries can occur. We will of course do everything we can to treat the damage and notify you of this.

We will carry out an inspection of your dog on arrival and will inform you of any injuries

Satisfaction and feedback
We value your feedback. Do not hesitate to let us know if something is not right or does not meet your expectations. We are proud of our work and always want to do our utmost to ensure that our customers are satisfied

We are visited by many different dogs and breeds in our salon and we often take pictures to document our work. Because we are very proud of the work we do and want to be able to show the different treatments and breed-specific cuts we offer with us. The images can therefore be used in social media and for sales-oriented material.

Inform us if you do not want us to take pictures of your dog.

Thank you for choosing Duke & Duchess Dog Salon and Spa.