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Petit is the first manufacturer of puppy toys that focuses on the development of your puppy. During growth, it is important to teach puppies the basics of exploring, behaving and allowing them to experience different aspects of play. They should be mentally stimulated with different challenges to keep them interested, curious and develop their intelligence. The toys from Petit are designed to fulfill all these functions.

The toys are safe and will not cause any kind of damage as they do not emit any toxic substances for animals, people or the environment. Lola chews are made of TPE (thermoplastic rubber which is an environmentally friendly, non-toxic and safe material for your dog. It also poses no risk to the environment and is 100% recyclable and degradable.

Balu is a chubby and funny bear who is not easily won over! Balu has a weight at the bottom and thus automatically rises up no matter how much it is pushed or thrown around.

This fun and wobbly bear also has a rattle inside that makes lots of fun sounds when you play with it. Balu is designed to stimulate curiosity, play and many hours of play and entertainment!

Can be washed in the dishwasher.

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