Fôringstips for valper!

Feeding tips for puppies!

Are you unsure what, how much and how often to feed your puppy? We will help you with some general guidelines below. Please note that your dog may have individual needs beyond these and if you are unsure, we always ask you to consult a vet.

A gradual transfer is important!
For the first few days after you get your new puppy, it is best to continue with the feed the puppy has been given at the breeder or in its previous home. Having to introduce a new food at this time can cause extra stress and strain on the puppy's digestive system.

When your puppy has settled in and feels safe in its new surroundings, you can gradually start transferring to new food. How long it takes for the puppy to adapt to its new home varies, but often within 1-3 weeks. When you start transferring to the new feed, you mix a little of the new feed into the old and then gradually increase the amount every other day. In this way, the puppy's digestive system gets the opportunity to get used to the new food.

How much should my puppy eat?
It is important to measure the daily rations, as it can be very harmful for the puppy with both too little and too much of certain vitamins and other nutrients. It is therefore important to adhere to the recommended amount that comes with the feed.

The starting point is always the target weight, according to age and breed, and not necessarily its current weight. If the current weight is used as a starting point, it can lead to too rapid weight gain which can damage normal and healthy development.

The general advice is to feed as little as possible and as much as necessary.

How often should I feed my puppy?
Adult dogs should usually have food twice a day, but puppies need to eat a little more often. This is because puppies have relatively small stomachs, and to begin with they should only eat small meals. Too large portions can overload the puppy's digestive system.

The most common guidelines are listed below, with the caveat that your puppy may have individual needs beyond these.

  • Up to 4 months: 4 meals a day
  • Up to 6 months: 3 meals a day
  • From 6 months and up: 2 meals a day

Can I give my puppy something to eat between meals?
Small and large dogs love treats as a reward or as a snack between meals. Having said that, it is important to remember that this should be given sparingly, and should be calculated as part of the daily ration. Alternatively, part of the daily dry ration can be given as snacks.

How long should the puppy eat puppy food?
The expected adult weight is an important factor for how long puppy food is recommended.

  • Small breeds (up to 10kg): Around 9-12 months, you can switch to food for small adults.
  • Between breeds (11-25kg): Around 12-15 months you can switch to adult feed.
  • Large breeds (Over 26kg): Around 15-18 months you can switch to adult food.

The general advice is that when your puppy approaches its expected adult weight, you can switch to adult food.

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