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Hydra Luxury Care

Hydra pet spa senses cologne serenity 120ml

Hydra pet spa senses cologne serenity 120ml

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Serenity is a series of active ingredients consisting of, among other things, apricot extract and natural keratin specially developed to build up and strengthen the coat.

Hydra Spa Serenity Cologne is the perfect ending - and will add a luxurious touch to every home treatment. The spray has been specially developed with a composition of fragrance notes that leaves a refreshing and natural scent of autumn. These include cedar, vetiver, vanilla, lavender, sage, rosemary, pink pepper, bergamot and orange.

Apply 15 - 30 cm from the fur and preferably while it is still damp. Usually 12 sprays are enough for small to medium dogs and your dog will smell lovely for days.

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